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  • Trabzon

    Trabzon is a central city in the Eastern Black Sea region of the Black Sea Region.

    The Black Sea coast with Zigana mountains in is located in a small area kaplar.batı terms of my yüzüölçü Giresun connected Eynesil district, south of Gumushane connected Torul district and Bayburt, east the Rize connected İkizdere and Tetovo district, antique, surrounded by the Black Sea north of It is the name of the provincial and provincial center which has been known since the age of the city. The city´s total population of address based population registration system in 2009 (ABPRS) 765.127´tur.1935´t population of 30,000 in 1990, according to the results 361.886´y, it came to 975.137´y 2000. In 2007 it decreased to 740,569.

    having a mountainous landscape that runs perpendicular to the sea behind a narrow coastal strip in the center of the province Boztepe (Minthrio the ancient hill) was founded on. 22.4% of the provincial lands are composed of highlands and 77.6% of them are composed of hills.

    The map 1838 shows the period just before Milat. On the map there are Proto-Laz tribes the east of Trabzon to Abkhazia: Colchis or Lazica, Makrons, Sanni, Moshiler.

  • Uzungol

    Uzungol is a tourist town connected to the Çaykara district of Trabzon. The distance to Trabzon is 99 km and the distance to Çaykara is 19 km. Especially Arabic tourists are attracted with its natural forests and natural beauty. The story of the formation of the lake: The lake, which is located in the middle of the valley and formed by covering the rocks falling the slopes in front of Haldizen, is known as "Uzungöl" and has the same name.

    Uzungöl is located at the junction of the Soganli and Kachkar Mountains, where the rain forests of our country are located. This region is also home to the oldest forests in the temperate zone of the world. Due to its abundant rainfall and relative temperate climate, it turns green in all seasons of the year. There are more than 60 endemic plant species found in Demirkapı and Soğanlı mountains. The wild animal also has a rich environment in terms of life. A total of 59 mammals and 250 bird species have been identified in the Uzungöl Special Environmental Protection Area. Here, mammals such as Boz bear, Roe, Wolf, Jackal, Fox, Wild boar, Lynx, Porsuk, Sansar, Water sampler, Horned mountain goat, Wild goat etc. There are species. The flora and vegetation of the area were determined with the studies conducted in the region aiming to determine the vegetative biological diversity of the Special Environmental Protection Area and a total of 658 plant taxons belonging to 311 genuses including 125 subspecies and 68 varieties were identified in the field. A total of eight different amphibian species were found in the Uzungöl region, two of which were frogs.

    Uzungöl, located in Trabzon, has conservation status such as Natural Site, Special Protection Environment and Nature Park.

  • Sumela Monastery
    Sumela Monastery

    We visited almost all of Sumer Monastery in the province of Trabzon, which is located in the boundaries of Maçka county, or have heard it somewhere. But we do not have as much knowledge about this beautiful building. In this article we will have detailed information about the Monastery of Sumela, perhaps you will want to go back and visit with a different eye.

    Sümela Monastery is located in the Altındere valley and is known as the Greek Orthodox Monastery and Church.
    His full name is Panagia Sumela. Although the exact date of the monastery is unknown, it is thought to have been built between 365 and 395 AD.

    The Sumela Monastery was originally built as a Church, but later the conversion of the monastery was found 1000 years ago.
    It is thought that the monastery was given because of the word molas, which means black, or because of the black maryem Ana fresco.

  • Hagia Sophia Museum
    Hagia Sophia Museum

    Trabzon Haghia Sophia Church Monastery church built between 1250-1260 by King Manuel I (1238-1263) of the Kommenos family who escaped after the occupation of Istanbul by the Latins and founded a new state in Trabzon in 1204. The name of the Hagia Sophia means "Sacred Wisdom".

    One of the most beautiful examples of late Byzantine churches, the structure is square-cross planned and has a high dome. There are three bowhouses in the north, west and south. The building is covered with different vaults on the main dome and covered with a slab by giving different lifts to the roof.

    Hagia Sophia, an important church until the conquest of the region in 1461 by the Ottomans, continued its activities after this date. However, according to the need in 1670, it was converted to a glass and restored in 1864.

  • Atatürk Mansion
    Atatürk Mansion

    Built in pine forests on the back of the Soğuksu, which dominates Trabzon, the building was built as a summer house by Constantin Kabayanidis in 1890. The building, which is influenced by the European and Western Renaissance architecture, has used large and fancy European symbols. The mansion has external stones and stone workmanship, and the inner pillars are in the Baghdad technique. Places were also laid with tiles of the period as the effect of the same current.

    When Ataturk honored Trabzon for the first time in Trabzon on 15-17 September 1924, he was welcomed at the mosque, which was organized as Trabzon Museum. On September 15, he saw the Mansion on Sightseeing in Soguksu district and liked it very much. When he honored Trabzon for the second time on 27-29 November 1930, he was welcomed to the Old Turkish Hottie.

    After the necessary studies were continued, the building was registered in Trabzon Special Administration in 1930 and "assigned" to President Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha with the decision of the Provincial Permanent Committee dated 18.5.1931 and numbered 361. Later, a delegation formed Trabzon went to Ankara and handed over the mansion´s tapusun and the key to Atatürk.

  • Trabzon Castle
    Trabzon Castle

    Trabzon Castle is one of the historical places to visit in Trabzon. The Trabzon Castle, which is located in the center of Trabzon and is at the highest part of the city, has reached to a solid level.

    The Trabzon Fortress extends to the hills on the other side of the city, which starts the coast. It was built on the old base belonging to the Byzantine Age.

    Upper, Middle and Lower Hisar. The castle was built by collecting the stones of the old monuments. At the beginning of the century, the same stones were used in the construction of new buildings. On the north side of the Upper Fortress, there are no historical ruins. The Trabzon Castle, which is located in the Araklı district of Trabzon, was built in a sea-like way. Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror is a castle built by Trabzon against the attack on the Black Sea. Trabzon Castle is located at the beginning of the works which are unbroken the daily history.

  • Armory

    The arsenal is one of the most striking and controversial structures in Trabzon constructions. It is written that it was built in the year H.1305 under the picture in the Yıldız Palace albums. On the door II. The brick and the inscription of Abdülhamit confirm this. It is clearly understood that the arsenal was built in 1887. The circle of approximately 25-40 m in diameter consists of two parts. The interior has four floors and the exterior has three floors. There are three windows with oval arches in the inner and outer structures. It was enclosed in a high protection wall, and near the west there was a police station. It was used as an ammunition depot during the Russian invasion of 1916-1918, and on July 9, 1919 the cover was destroyed by an explosion.
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